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2019 Workshop: The Effective Enforcement of EU Law and Policy

The UACES Research Network (RN) on the Effective Enforcement of EU Law and Policy (EFFEN) continues to bring together scholars at different stages of their careers who are exploring the multifarious aspects of the enforcement EU law. In November 2019, a half-day workshop was held at Cardiff University in partnership with Cardiff University’s Centre for European Law and Governance (CELAG). The first session focused on the effectiveness of the enforcement of EU law, and how it can be improved. Sara Drake presented her paper on the enforcement of EU Air Passenger Rights (Flight cancellations and compensation: Why do air passenger still struggle to enforce their EU passenger rights?) now published in the Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law. Samvel Varvastian presented his analysis of the Order of the General Court in T-330/18 Carvalho (8th May 2019) in his paper entitled, 'Clean Air as a Human Right: What does the People’s Climate Change case tell us about the protection of fundamental rights before the EU courts?' The third paper by Wendy Kennett focused on the enforcement of civil judgements across the EU and draws on her book Civil Enforcement in a Comparative Perspective: A Public Management Challenge which will be published in November 2020 by Intersentia.

Sara Drake

The second session turned its attention to Brexit and its impact on enforcement for EU citizens (Stijn Smismans), Environmental and Agricultural Law (Ludivine Petetin) and Air Quality Law (Ben Pontin).

Both sessions stimulated a fruitful exchange of comments and observations and future research paths were identified. The workshop was benefitted from the attendance of PhD students Anneka Owens, Stephanie Theophanidou and Hedydd Phylip as well as Cardiff University's very own Dr. Brexit, Rachel Minto.

Sara Drake

Network Co-ordinator

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