Effective enforcement goes to the heart of all policy areas falling within EU competence, and is a key component of the EU's credibility and legitimacy. Yet patterns of enforcement can vary considerably in different policy areas for a number of reasons. The traditional 'dual vigilance' framework has been overtaken by EU policymakers 

experimenting with a diverse range of policy strategies and instruments. Scholars from different disciplines have begun investigating these instruments adopting a range of theoretical and methodological approaches.What has emerged is a complex web of legal and regulatory practices, strategies and actors that operate at EU and national level.

The key aims of the network are:

- To map and evaluate the different enforcement practices across   diverse policy areas

- To establish a common operating language on what                  

  effectiveness means in the context of particular enforcement  

  techniques to aid interdisciplinary collaboration

- To assess the 'effectiveness' of the complex enforcement web

- To provide a forum for broadening the dissemination of    

  empirical data and theoretical research undertaken in different     disciplines.

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