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Welcome to the website of the UACES Research Network on Effective Enforcement of EU Law and Policy. This RN serves as a hub to bring together academics, NGOs and policy practitioners across various substantive fields and academic disciplines, both national and international, to exchange ideas and expertise in the important field of effective enforcement of EU law and policy. In particular, the network will

investigate what we mean by 'effective' enforcement

of EU law and policy, from a theoretical and

methodological perspective. It aims to map the complex enforcement landscape of the EU, to investigate the various techniques of enforcement and forge a common language on what we mean by 'effective enforcement'.



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The fast moving legal landscape of Brexit cannot be ignored, and many questions remain with regard to how pre-existing obligations that are 'retained' in EU law will be effectively enforced in the UK, since many of the corollary enforcement mechanisms and institutions may have been removed. The EU enforcement network is a complex, multi-layered, system largely composed of administrative mechanisms which are supplemented by a legal framework. This Research Network aims to understand, amongst other things, how retained obligations will be enforced in the changing legal landscape post Brexit.

The RN Co-ordinators are Dr Sara Drake, Cardiff School of Law and Politics and Dr. Monica Garcia Quesada

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This Website is funded as part of the UACES Research Network Grant 2018-2021

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